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[edytuj] Swolkień (Polish), Svolkenis (Lithuanian), Сволкен (Russian), Swolkenus (Latin)

According to ancient chronicles, Polish-Lithuanian Prince, brother of Grand Duke of Lithuania, Traidenis[3]

Pomian[1] - Coat of Arms of Swolkień family
Pomian[1] - Coat of Arms of Swolkień family
Leliwa[2] - Coat of Arms of Swolkień family
Leliwa[2] - Coat of Arms of Swolkień family

• born: 1250 in Samogitia[4]

• died: 1280 in battle of Halych-Volhynia[5]

• father: Virsila or Viršpulis or Zivibundas

• brothers: Traidenis[6], Sirputis, Bardis, Liesis

Bardis, Liesis, and Swolkień (Svalkenis) were Eastern Orthodoxs and died in fights with Halych-Volhynia[7]

Swolkień & Liesis possibly killed by Rus' Prince, Vasylko Romanovych[8]

Sirputis assisted his brother in military campaigns.

Swolkień was the progenitor of the noble Polish/Lithuanian/Russian family Swolkień.

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