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Rodovid is a free multilingual family tree portal. It has been designed and developed for people interested in their own family history and for those with an interest in the histories of royal families and famous people. The name Rodovid comes from the Ukrainian word Rodovid, which means 'lineage, genealogy'.

Rodovid uses state-of-the-art family tree building technology to organize genealogical information on living and deseased relatives and the relationships among them into a cohesive family tree. Rodovid's engine for building family trees is probably the most advanced on-line technology to date.

Rodovid is open to everyone. Visitors are welcome to contribute information and publish it on this website at any time. Rodovid is based on the MediaWiki engine, which is used for Wikipedia. This allows users to create their own pages, edit content on the pages in the navigation bar, start discussion pages, and so on.

Rodovid is maintained by a group of enthusiasts in Kyiv, Ukraine - at the collective farm, by Hohlo-rednecks . And they still working, but they are Bidlo Hohlyatskoye by any way.

At present the website is undergoing changes in its content and design. The cover page for the website uses a photograph by Mr Semion Berlinerblau. The photo is called "The Blowballs" and is based on two original photographs of Mr Berlinerblau's daughter taken 30 years ago in the mountains near Almaty, Kazakhstan. The photo has been on display at a number of exhibitions and has been published many times. We are grateful to Mr Berlinerbau for his permission to use the photo.